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"brotherhood" - sanitized

Re: "No Explanation" & No Goodbyes

Re: "Re: Planes"

"Theosophy is who Theosophy does."

"We" against "Them"

(Enochian) Magic, astral projection, spirituality and initiation

Re: (Enochian) magic, etc., Richard Ihle


1st Dalai Lama

Re: 2 quotes from HH which fit in with this list

2 Year Rule

3 objects

FW: 5th Graders Want E-mail (fwd)

7 Principles and Sheaths

Adyar leadership

Alan Retrograde

Alan's style

Alexis on the Mahatma Letters

Re: Alice Bailey

Re: alt theos.

Re: alt theos; Liesel


alt.theosophy can be here too

alt.theosophy could be right here

Re:alt.theosophy; Archiving alt.theosophy postings


apology for neglect; back from the dead

Archiving alt.theosophy postings




back from the dead - or to them?

Back to you, Alexis ... from Donna

bad day for ts

Bashing of Eldon?????

Re: Bashing of Eldon????? Further Comments to Alexis

Re: Basic scholarship

Re: Bee's comments, and everything else

Benevolent Racism vs. the S.D.

Bickering Nonsense Claims Another Poster

Big Bang Two

Big Bang Two (poss. dup.)

The Big Question



Re: Body by Definition

Book of Dzyan Research Report


Brotherhood & TS Membership

Brotherhood and TS Membership

Re: Brotherhood exploration

Brotherhood nomenclature

brotherhood vs. human family

Brunton's tale of a Bonze Monk and HPB

Re: Bubba-Free John


Re: 'buddhi-manas 'techniques'

Burden of Proof, students & critics


the challenge of alt.theosophy

Re: the challenge of alt.theosophy (reply to Chuck)

Re: Character incomp..; alt.theosophy;Liesel;Ramadoss

Character incompatibility; alt.theosophy

Character incompatibility; alt.theosophy; Murray

Re: Character incompatibility; alt.theosophy;Alexis



Re: chohan

Re: Chuch and Details About Practical Applications of Theos

Chuch and Details About Practical Applications of Theosophy


re: clarification

Comparing Auras

Re: Comparing bloodlines

complete understanding

Copy of: TSA Elections-2 Year Voting Requirement

corrected Moscow FAX number

Re: Cosmic Fire revisited (AAB)

Could be worse

Re: cross posting

CWL & courtesy

CWL as adept

CWL etc.

Daily life story for Liesel & Doss

Re: Daily Life Story, To: Martin

Dangers of Bakti-Yoga

Re: Dangers of Bhakti-Yoga

Dangers of Psychism


Dead persons

democratic organizaitons

Re: Denizen of theos-hell


Divine Mothers

Re: DNA Shows Human And Chimps......

Re: Doctrine


Re: Doctrine

Doctrine and Brotherhood *Both*

Re: Doctrine-----Who are the true Revisionists?

Re: Dora

Doubled postings

Downhill paths

downhill paths

Downhill paths - Don 2 Alan

Downhill paths - Don2alexis

Downhill paths Don 2 Alex

Re: Dr.Thomas Szaz

re: drop in list members

drop in susbscribers

Dumbest question of the year

Re: Dzogchen

Dzogchen (Jerry S.)


Eastern precursors

Eating my words with fruitcake

egotism & humor

Re: Eldon Bashing vs Alexis Bashing

Eldon on Theo. Groups

Election Results Monday?


e-mail programs

Re: Error Condition Re: Re: Why the Drop in the number of Subscribers?

Esoteric Psychology Home Page

Esoteric Psychology Home Page (updated http address)


Everyone is excluded


False beliefs

Re: False beliefs (Reply to Michelle)

Re: Far More Good After Leaving the T.S.


Re: Food Fight!

for Kay Ziatz

Re: Forgot something ???

Free PC Mail Program with Filters

Freedom of Opinion: Thoughts on What JHE and Alexis have been posting

the future of the TS, vintage 1927

FYI - An interesting Symposium

Re: Gang

gang of 4

Re: Gangus defunctus

Gangus very defunctus

Generation V


The Gnostic Abyss

Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn & Enochian Magic question

Golden Dawn question

gov't stress

ground rules

group memory


Hair shirts

HBP/CWL (assumptions)

The Heart

Re: Heresy and Blasphemy

Hero Worship

higher powers

How Do We Know? (Former quote from Liesel)

Re: HPB on TSR in BCW 12

HPB on TSR: Directed especially to Kim and Jerry HE


Re: HPB/CWL (2)

Re: HPB/CWL (assumptions 2)

HPB/CWL (assumptions)

Re: HPB/CWL (Daniel)

HPB/CWL (last assumptions)

Re: HPB/CWL (part 1)

Re: HPB/CWL (part 2)

Re: HPB/CWL (part 2) A question to Jerry S.

Re: HPB/CWL (Rich/JerryS.)

Re: HPB/CWL (Subba Row)

Re: HPB/CWL (terminology)

Re: HPB/CWL (to Kim and others)

HPB/CWL (Virginia B.)

Re: HPB/CWL A question to Jerry S.

hpb/cwl etc

HPB/CWL etc.

HPB's sources

Re: HPB's sources(2)

human system

Re: Images

Re: Images (to Richard I)

Interesting Anecdote

Re: Interesting anecdote

Re: Interesting Anecdote

RE: Is it real? Better measure

Re: Is it real? Better measure....

Re: Is this a Theosophical List

Re: Is this a Theosophical List?

Re: Is this a Theosophist List?

Re: Is this a thesophical list

ISIS005.TXT (Isis Unveiled)

ISIS006.TXT (Isis Unveiled)

ISIS007.TXT (Isis Unveiled)

ISIS008,TXT (Isis Unveilied)

Re:je suis encore perdue

Re: Jerry's Library

John E Mead

John Mead

Krishnamurti defended

Krishnamurti/Rohit Mehta Quote on Meditation (fwd)

Let them eat cake-not fruits!


Re: Little Theosophies


Re: Lost?

Re: Mahatma

Mahatma Letters: Questions to Alexis

Martin's contest

May 24 - a Buddha day (?)


Re: Membership in the Gang of Four


Re: Mercury Retrograde (reply to Murray)

Re: Message from Internet

Re: 'Message from Internet';buddhi-manas 'techniques'


Michelle and Doss plea for sanity ...

MidSouth Federation program

Mind, matter and evolution

Missed digest 511

Re: MM (FWD) Chickens and Millennium Matters

Re: More on World Service-Wesak

More Pain vs. Suffering

More to Alexis

More Wesak Full Moon Lunacy




New ground

New Theosophy Video

News from England

Newsgateway for alt.theosophy

Newsreader within browsers

Nick's Thinking

No Magician

Nobody knows

Re: Nobody Knows? (Reply to Chuck)

Re: Nobody Knows? (Reply to Doss)

Not an ES conspiracy

Now it gets interesting

Re: nucleous of brotherhood

A nucleus

nucleus nomenclature

nucleus of "Brotherhood"

Re: A nucleus of Brotherhood


Re: The Ol Toad Spell


The only game in town

Re: The only game in town (Different Kinds of Games, Reply to Rich)

Only Joking!

Re: Original Posting Regarding "The Gang of Four"

Re: Paul Brunton's Comments on the TS

Re: Paul Brunton's Notebooks

Re: Personal Messages

Re: Pesky Glitches


Planes & principles

Please stop this

Power Struggles

Practical applications of theosophy

Practical Applications of Theosophy

Re: Practical Applications of Theosophy (to Alexis)

Re: Practical Applications of Theosophy (to Chuck & Ramadoss)

The Practical Necessity of Meditation (fwd)

Practical Theosophy

practical theosophy - a pine grove's coming

The Principles

PS To Daniel Re: Spritism

Psychic Avalon

Re: Psychism & Mental Illness

Psychosophy (esoteric psychology and theosophy) updated www

Psychosophy (esoteric psychology and theosophy) www

Psychosophy Home Page

Re: public image of a barbarian (to alex)

Pundits Versus Saints? How About Both?

A puzzlement

Quantum Theosophy? (Part 1)

Questions to Chuck and Ramadoss


Re: The Ram Dass qoute in Dzogchen (Jerry S.)

Ramalinga a chela

Ramalinga a Theosophist

re: Ramalingam

Re quote of HPB from Bee and comment by Alexis

rebut re Therapeutic Touch, as pictured by Alexis' Munchkins

Re: Redfield's Books

Regarding Problems With Anger


Religious conviction

Repartee versus substance

Re: Repartee vs. substance

repartee vs. substance

Re: Repartee vs. substance/Breath

repeating messages

A reply to JH-E re: HPB/CWL

Reply to Keith re Pain versus Suffering

Reply to Paul Regarding A Priori Beliefs

Re: Repugnant Doctrines


Response from Donna to Eldon and Alexis

Retrograde Mayhem

Re: Rigidity/Flexibility

Ringing the bell

Role of the ES/ Staying with TI

Rollin' rollin' rollin'. . .

Root races

Re: Root Races & Racism

Re: Root Races or Theosophy Bashing?

Re: Root Races or Theosophy Bashing? (reply to Jerry S)

Re: Root Races or Theosophy Bashing? (Reply to Jerry S)

Root races, Martin

Re: Root races, racism & Theosophy bashing (long post)

Root Races, Racism, and Reflection

Re: Root Races, Racism, and Reflection (Reply to Jerry S)

Re: Root Races, Racism, and Reflection (to Alan)

Re: Root Races, Racism, and Reflection (to Alexis)

Re: Root races; science and belief systems

Re: Root races;Kay

Root Races?

Re: Rules of Engagement/Enragement/Enlightenment


Russian Theosophical Society

The Russian TS




Re: Schizophrenia (reply to Donna)

Re: Schizophrenia and the Psychic

Science Fair Project - OFF TOPIC !!

Re: scuttling theos-l


Re: Seniles

The Seven Principles

sibling and how to sible

sister/brotherhood as a fact

Sister/Brotherhood as fact

Something funny (fwd)

Sorry for sending duplicate of theos-l digest

Spice Cake

Spirit WWW URLs

Spiritualism or Spirtism as written about in The New Catholic Ency. 1913 ed.

Sticks and stones

Re: Subba Row vs HPB

Subba Row's attitude

Re: summer school (reply to michelle)



T.S. in a Rut

Taking Care With Language (reply to Martin)



Re: teachers vs adepts


testing 1,2,3


Them Against Us: TSA Elections

Re: Theory vs Practice

theos-l bashing & other strange behavior

Re: Theos-L Netiquette

Theosophy as Creed

Re: Theosophy Bashing

theosophy bashing

Theosophy Bashing?

Theosophy Illustrations & Astronomy

Theosophy in Russia

Theosophy International - monthly reminder

Therapeutae, etc.

Re: Therapeutic Touch

There is no real "Gang"


Third objective or top priority?

Three Objects


TI brotherhood clause

TI first object

Re: TI is not a Container, it's a network

TI membership list - May 1996

TI platform

Tibet etc.

Tillet's Book

Tip for getting access to alt.theosophy

To Alexis re: Wilber and Hero Worship

to Chuck & Alexis

to Doss re TD

To Doss Re: CWL's adeptship

Re: to each his own Path

Re: To Eldon vis a vis CWL

Re: to follow through

To Martin

To Michelle, Re: News from England

To: Bee, Re: doctors

To: Dan, Re: spiritrualism

To: Daniel Re: bashing Eldon

To: Daniel Re: Eldon

To: Eldon Re: scuttling theos-l

To: Eldon, Re: Brotherhood, sanitized

To: Eldon, Re: quote

To: Eldon, Re: Quotes from HH

To: Eldon, Re:scuttling theos-l

To: Kay Ziatz Re: how the internet works

To: Keith, Re: what should we learn

Re: To: Martin, Character incomp..; Alan

To: Martin, Character incompatibility; alt.theosophy

To: Michelle, Re: Adyar leadership

Treatise on Cosmic Fire Revisited

Re: A treatise on Cosmic Fire revisited

Re: Treatise on Cosmic Fire Revisited

trouble posting messages

TS as "abortion"

TS Election Results?

TS Moscow

Re: TS/Arundale/Sri Ram/Radha Burnier

TS/Democratic Spirit & Hierarchical Feeling

TSA Election Tally

TSA Election Vote Tally Update

TSA Election Voting Tally Update

Re: TSA Elections - 2 Yr Voting Requirement

TSA Elections-2 Year Voting Requirement

TSA National Election Results

TSA National Election Vote Tally

TSA Voting

TSA Voting Tally - Update

Re: TT

UK Reading Lodge - it CAN be done!

Re: Uncertainty

An Uneasy "Guideline"

an uneasy guideline

An Uneasy Truce



Unveiled Isis

Re: Use of Internet e-mail technology by TSA

Re: Venting the Spleen

Re: violence

vis a vis CWL (history - Liesel: delete if offends]

vis a vis CWL (to Doss)

visiting theos-hell (a story)

Re: We done it !!!

Re: We done it !!! (note to Alexis and THEOS-L readers)

we done it!!!!!!

Re: Web Page


Welcome to TI



Wesak & Group Opportunity

Re: what are the Masters doing

What are the Masters Doing?

Re: What are the Masters doing?

Re: What are the Masters Doing?

Re: What are the Masters doing?

What is the definition of "fruitcake"?

Where is the brain?

White Lotus Day

Re: White Lotus Day (fwd)

who shall chase whom

Who's the real "Gang"?

Why drop number of subscribes

Re: why reduction in numbers

Re: why reduction in numbers (fwd)

Re: Why the Drop in the number of subscribers

Re: Why the Drop in the number of subscribers (fwd)

Why the Drop in the number of Subscribers?

Re: Why the Drop in the number of Subscribers? (fwd)

Re: Wicca????

Wilber and Hero Worship

Will the real Masters KH and M please stand up

Re: Will the real Masters KH and M please stand up

Re: Wilting

Winmail Attachment

Wise Words

Working on psychic experience

Wrong Ramalinga



Re: You Warned Me

Re: You Warned Me(to JRC)

Re: your signature to Danny Boy

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