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May 29, 1996 03:41 PM
by Martin_Euser

Hi Alexis, Alan

Got the booklet, Alan. I've read it with interest. Many points of view are
shared by me, as I'm sure by many others too.

One point remains a bit obscure to me, and that's your view on reincarnation.
You say on p. 24, that 'death isn't (a recurring incident)'.
You explain this by saying that an individual human being continues as
an independant spirit in it's own right in the 'post-mortem' state.
One of the questions one could ask is: what about karma, what about the
effects of deeds that are not yet equilibrized. How else then by reincarnation
could these effects or consequences be settled? Please explain to me!
Also, how would you account for the vast differences between people,
unequal opportunities, if not by karma?

Now, about religion, that's quite a story! I agree that most of religions
have become a bit of an empty shell. But what about finding the esoteric
meanings of what's left of value in them? What do you think about that?



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