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(Fwd) re: comments on subtle bodies


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RE: 666 post

Re: 7 Rays

Re: Alert!

Algeo's Stil-Light program on Labyrinths

All This Bickering

re: All this bickering

Re: All This Bickering

another good quote, part 1 of 2

another good quote, part 2 of 2

answer to 2 posts

Archival Information

an article in the "Syracuse Post Standard"The headline reads

A Beautiful Autumn Interlude


Blavatsky's "golden

The Book

Brancusi article

Brenda and CWL


Re: Buddhism & Non-Dualism

Re: Buddhism & Non-Dualism (Comments on Karma)

Re: C & J Debate

Caldwell & Johnson Debate

Caldwell's Part IV on Johnson's

Cat evolution

Re: Cayce

Cayce's Mysterious Master (?)

Re: censorship flames

Re: Chakra Development

RE: Chakra Developmrnt

Re: Channelling

Clive Harper

Comments on Subtle Bodies

re: comments on subtle bodies

RE: Comments on Subtle Bodies

re: comments on subtle bodies

Re: Comments on Subtle Bodies RE:Jerry S, Rich T and Eldon T

common errors when unsubscribing

Complexity Theory


Continue the Theosophy Christian Dialogue

Creators - a synchronicity

RE: Cults

RE: cults


RE: CWL & Theosophy

Re: CWL and Mars

CWL and Theosophy


RE:CWL and WQJ Questions to Jerry HE and Paul J

RE: CWL, LCC, Adyar, Olcott

re: CWL, LCC, Adyar, Olcott etc.

Re: CWL, LCC, Adyar, Olcott, etc.

RE: CWL, LCC, Olcott, etc.

Dainiel..jesus Chris

Daniel H.

Daniel on Globes

Daniel's Champion

Digest option

discussion list down-time

Re: doctrinal & hysterical approaches

doctrinal and historical approaches

Dogma Versus Doctrine


Don 2 Eldon

DON 2 Keith

Don 2 Leisel

Don 2 Liesel: Equations

Door to the Human Kingdom


Dribble box

Re: Eldon on Origin of Sense of Self

Eldon on Tantra etc.

Elementals and Dhyani Chohans

For Murray S

Forgiving our Body

forgiving your body

Forwarding attached reply of Johnson to CAldwell's Part II

Forwarding Caldwell's Part IV on Johnson's Thesis about M & KH

Forwarding Johnson's reply to Caldwell's Part II on the Masters

Re: From 26 to 41

from my daily reading

Re: from my study

Re: Globes and Rounds RE: Quotes from MLs RE: Globe/Plane Confusion

Re: Globes, Planes, Principles

Re: Globes, Planes, Principles: some Comments to Jerry S. From Daniel C.

Re: go away???

God's fertile imagination


Group Auras & Energies

re: Group project

Re: Groups

Hereditary Successors

re: Hi again

re: Hi again and a few questions

Hi again, and a few questions

High-brow chats

high-brow chats

Re: High-brow chats

Re: high-brow chats

Re: High-brow chats

high-brow chats

Re: High-brow chats

historical & doctrinal

historical and doctrinal

re: historical and doectinal

HPB and Christianity

HPB Booklet

Re: HPB's Anti Christianity

The Hum (for JRC)

Ignoring 95%

In responce to Eldon's Suggestion

Is the Theos system working properly?

Is theos-Roots working?

Jnana Yoga

koans, from WWW

L. Frank Baum and theosophy

Re: Latest Revelation!



re: lemniscate

Marley and the Ghost of Christmas Past

re: Marley's ghost

Marley's ghost.


Re: MKNIT: Perfect Selvedge Edge for Rib

Monads and Theosophical Writers

More Cayce

re: more Cayce

Re: More thoughts on abortion

Narada and the Dark Night of the Soul

Re: The Nature of Space (Science & Theosophy)

New topics

No wind mills

Not Escaping the World

Re: Not Escaping the World (Zen style)

re: objects


obsolete words

occult view of smoking

an occultist's quote re 2d hand smoke

Re: re: on CWL

Once again, lemniscate

One Of Jrc's Comment

re: One of JRC's comment

Re: One of JRC's comments

Ongoing science/theosophy stuff

An Open discussion comparing

Re: Organizational structure

Origin of Sense of Self

Re: Origin Of Sense Of Self

Re: Origin of Sense of Self

Re: Origin Of Sense Of Self

Re: Origin of Sense of Self

P. Johnson's 2 SUNY books on the Theosophical Masters, Part II

P. Johnson's 2 SUNY books on the Theosophical Masters, Part III

Pandits and Gurus

Paul Johnson's Two SUNY books on the Theosophical Masters, etc

Re: A poem

re: the power behind the TS

Re: The power behind the TS

The power behind TS



Re: problem unsubscribing


Psychism, Intuition, Eldon & JRC



Purucker on the Seven Rays

Re: A Question

A Question to Jerrry S.

Question to Jerry HE

Question to JRC

Re: Questions about the ES

Re Aleister Crowley & Messengers

re: re CWL and WQJ

Re Dreams

re: re high brow chats

re: re historical and doctrinal

re: re Marley's ghost

re: re questions about the ES

RE quotes by Bee B. and Liesel D.

re re Cayce

re re: historical and doctrinal

Re Snow Lion

Re The Nature of Space (Science & Theosophy)

re: re what draws them in

re: re Wheaton and Cults

Regarding Science and Metaphysics

Re: Reincarnation

Reining in Personal Stuff: Bad Idea

The Reply

Reply For Daniel

Re: Reply to Algeo's article in AT

reply to: john.d.tullis

responses to Jerry S.

Re: Review copies

RE: Rich on CWL & Censorship

Rt 3 (marc Welsher Letter)

Re: science

Science & Theosophy

Re: Science & theosophy

Seeing Auras

Self & Maya


Re: Should Theos-l Remain Free?



smoking - the unrecognized sacrament

Somewhere In The Indian Ocean

Re: Source Teachings


Summer School

Symbols and bridges

Re: Symbols and Bridges

Re: Symbols And Bridges

Re: Symbols and bridges

Re: Symbols And Bridges

Re: Symbols and Bridges

Re: Symbols And Bridges

Re: Symbols and Bridges

Re: Symbols and Bridges 1

Re: Symbols and Bridges 2

Tantric Theosophy

THEOS-BUDS digest 17-Butting In

Theosophical Reductionism

Theosophy and Naropa

Theosophy in title?

Theosophy Lodge Online Program - November 1995

Re: theos-roots and censorship

Tibetan culture publishing house on WWW

Re: To Aki re steiner-l

To be a Theosophist

To Bee B.

To Daniel - On Science

To Eldon

To Jerry S. Concerning Your comments about Johnson's book

To Liesel & Rich

To Liesel from Don

Re: To Paul re steiner-l

To: Arthur Paul Patterson

to: Bee Brown

TO: Dan C. & Paul J.

To: Daniel H from Daniel C

To: Don and Patrick on Science and Theosophy

TS as a cult

The Unseen Solar System


unsubscribing problem


Re: Various comments made by Eldon and Jerry HE

Re: Welcome to Joe Fulton

What draws them in; alternate view

What draws them in; an alternate view.

What draws them in?

Re: What Draws then in, etc.: JRC's comments

RE: Wheaton & cults

Wheaton and Cults

Who was smoking the pipe?

Why The Daniel Cruise

World Solutions


Your Wish Is My Command

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