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Group Auras & Energies

Oct 11, 1995 10:29 PM
by Aprioripa


 Here are some quotes on the energy flow in herds, groups and

 "A *group* is an organization of individuals whose personality energy
fields are controlled from within themselves. In a real group there is never
any coercion, manipulation, intimidation or deception. Honesty, humility and
inner steadfastness are the characteristics of a real group. A group aura is
formed not by the breaking down and blending of the individual energy fields
but by the collective radiations of all the diverse individual auras. Groups
are formed as part of the natural evolution of humanity toward higher energy
realms. A group aura is a beautiful sight. The family is an excellent
learning opportunity for the evolution of herds into gatherings of
individuals and into groups. As more families become groups many of
society's problems will disappear. Eventually the nations of the world will
be true groups but this must come about through individual freedom and
natural societal evolution."

 "All energy that is taken through any means (even by tricking a person
into giving it) must eventually be given back and no adult who has a
developed intuitive and spiritual energy field ever takes energy from anyone
for any reason. Herds are right and normal in the animal kingdom but human
beings should be free individuals evolving toward group awareness. Being in
a herd can make you feel the illusion of safety and security through the
feeling of "belonging", but it also causes one's development to mostly
stagnate (despite appearances). "

 "A herd is an organization of people whose energy field boundaries are
controlled by a leader who violates them by his stronger personality aura and
vampires off their energy to make himself more powerful. He usually does
this by getting people to trust or worship him and then causing them to doubt
themselves or by using intimidation and fear. The leader then appears to be
very powerful and creative (and even to have magical abilities) but this is
really from the theft of the energy of others. Herd leaders try and get
people to be grateful to them rather than to God in order to use this energy
to sustain themselves. I have known "gurus" (men and women) who do this and
who try to destroy anyone who discovers what is really going on."

 "In a herd there is really only one giant personality energy field
controlled by the leader with the individuals involved usually trying to be
like the leader as much as possible. These herd leaders like to surround
themselves with as many young people and children as they can because of the
greater vital energy present in younger people and their ease of control.
 Herd leaders usually put on a very good show and may appear to be doing much
good for others but in reality they are doing everything for themselves and
have a subtle vanity as a significant influence behind all they do.
 Individuals of a true spiritual ability are free from any significant
influences of personal pride and vanity. "

 "Many totalitarian nations are simply herds and this accounts for the
generally devitalized energy level of many people who live in them.
 Governments and government organizations who use intimidation and fear to
control their people are herd creators and will eventually disintegrate when
people realize the type of manipulation that is going on. All "psychic"
hotlines and similar organizations are attempts to create herds at a distance
through fostering personal psychological dependency."

 "When you watch a television program your energy bodies begin to merge
with others through sympathetic vibration at a distance into a type of
generalized herd. News programs, talk shows and even lectures which give off
negative emotions allow those in control of the programs to vampire off the
vitality of those watching. This is because fear and other negative emotions
lower one's energy level and can cause one's protective aura to go limp --
when this is the case one naturally looks for a stronger person to depend
upon -- and unless that person is a truly good person (free from emotional
reactions and vanity) who wants you to learn to depend on yourself and for
you to be strong within, he will take your energy. This can and does happen
at a distance as energy relations are not limited by the conventional
perspectives of time and space. News reporters and talk show hosts usually
design their presentation to create a negative emotional state in the
audience and then to produce a focus on themselves as the "wise one" who is
explaining the situation to you. This allows them to consciously or
unconsciously absorb the energy generated by your need for a solution to the
unpleasant emotions. People who have strong auras with a spiritual focus,
however, can watch television programs and magnetize the energy being
generated onto good lines and actually help those who are involved in the
program by freeing them somewhat from herd influences."

>From "Seeing Auras", (copyright, etc.)

Light & Love,

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