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from my daily reading

Oct 14, 1995 08:00 AM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

Thought this would be of interest to the scientists on this list, but
as I finished the passage ... it's of interest to poets as well.

Part of my morning reading is still short passages from "Talks on The Path of
Occultism", which are commentaries on "The Voice of The Silence".

>From The Voice (one of my favorite quotes ... it works)

"Help nature & work on with her; and nature will regard thee as one
of her creators and make obeisance.
"And she will open wide before thee the portals of her secret
chambers, lay bare before thy gaze the treasures hidden in the very
depths of her pure virgin bosom. Unsullied by the hands of matter,
she shows her treasures only to the eye of Spirit - the eye wich
never closes, the eye for which there is no veil in all her kingdoms.
"Then will she show thee the means & way, the first gate & the 2d,
the 3rd, up to the very 7th. And then, the goal; beyond which lie,
bathed in the sunlight of the Spirit, glories untold, unseen by any
save the eye of the Soul."

excerpts from the commentaries:

".... working with nature. It is perhaps unsympathetic to use the
word 'conquered', when the fact is that all our power in the world
is the result of harmony between man & nature. The man in the boat
who sets his sail so that he may go against the wind is not
overcoming the wind, but is harmonizing his affairs with its law. By
working with the laws, man gains in power, not by fighting against

".... Nature is composed of life as well as matter, & it is
through sympathetic feeling that that life becomes known, & harmonized
with human life. ....

"This sympathy has occasionally been shown especially by the poets.
... Another well known instance is that of the philosopher Emerson
who, on returning from his winter lecture tours to his home at
Concord, used to shake hands with the lower branches of his trees. He
declared that he could feel that the trees were glad at his return, &
no doubt that quality of sympathy was a great aid to his
inspiration." CWL

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