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Oct 14, 1995 01:34 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

Dear folks,

I have posted this to both theos-news and theos-roots, but not
to theos-l, as the main interest is in the area of theosophical

Abraxas Publishing, here in Bristol, England, is embarking on a
program of reprints and, in some instances, previously
unpublished material from early TS sources. These will consist
of pamphlets in limited editions of around 100 copies, printed
to order. Copies will probably be numbered by hand.

So far in hand are two pamphlets:

1. Concerning H.P.B. (Stray thoughts on Theosophy) by G.R.S.
Mead, HPB's private secretary for many years - a moving account
of the person behind the initials, and his great fondness for
her and appreciation of her work.

2. *Similis Es*, attributed in MS to A.E. Waite, but said to be
in the hand of Arthur Machen. This is a short work reproduced
in the original handwriting.

Others by G.R.S. Mead in line are:

As Above, So Below; Yoga, the Science of the Soul; Theosophy and


The Revelation of the Shechinah, or The Tree of Life in the Holy
Royal Arch, by "Vincit, Qui Se Vincit," Hon. Magus, a
Rosicrucian at the Metropolitan College. Probably an originally
Golden Dawn pamphlet.

Kooy Hoomi Unveiled, or Tibetan "Buddhists" versus The Buddhists
of Tibet, a hostile but revealing work by Arthur Lillie of the
Royal Asiatic Society circa 1883-5.

Notes on Experiences in Egypt, by Q.L. - a Golden Dawn member's
unpublished account (it is believed) by a member who took the
Order to New Zealand.

History buffs may detect the hand of R.A.Gilbert in this
project .....

Anyone interested in any of the above, please e-mail me
privately. Nothing is as yet published, but it is expected that
the first two will be available during November.


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