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Theosophy Lodge Online Program - November 1995

Oct 24, 1995 01:15 PM
by JK1Carp

Theosophy Lodge Online Program - November 1995

Live theosophical discussions are held every Wednesday
from 9pm to 10:30pm ET. Discussions are based on
articles that are available in the TLO library. Articles can be
downloaded or viewed online; reading ahead in preparation
for the meeting is encouraged.

Upcoming Live Discussions:

November 1
"Aphorisms on Karma",
by William Q. Judge, Article # 125

November 8
"Psychic and Noetic Action - Part II",
by H. P. Blavatsky, Article # 145

November 15
"Four Qualifications",
Shankaracharya, Article # 137

November 22
"Evolution and Karma",
by Raghavan N. Iyer, Article # 111

November 29
"Wheel of Change "
by Sir Edwin Arnold, Article # 127

Theosophy Lodge Online is open at all times and has a growing
library of theosophical articles. Feel free to 'page the hosts' while
logged on if you have any questions or comments - or send email

Theosophy Lodge Online is non-profit and is not associated
with any theosophical organization. It is supported solely
by individual contributions of time, work, and money; all are
welcome to participate but nothing is compulsory.

Our telnet address is: "" [without the quotes]
Enter WWW URL as: "telnet:\\" [without the quotes]
Our direct dial number: 301-942-4312 (14,400 bps only)

[A note about the TLO mailing list: Sending mail to mulitple users
necessitates a 'broadcasting' of addresses. If you would like to be removed
from the list please send email to that effect to - thank

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