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Re: problem unsubscribing

Oct 24, 1995 02:24 PM
by Olcott Library

On Tue, 24 Oct 1995, Bill Maier wrote:

> Yes, I have also been trying to unsubscribe for some time now. My
> polite requests are quietly ignored. I can't get any response from
> -- even "help" as a message is ignored.
> Bill

Instead of addressing your message to "" try
"" [without the quotation marks, of course]

The only text in the message should be one or more of the following
lines (depending on which lists you have originally subscribed to):

unsubscribe theos-l

unsubscribe theos-buds

unsubscribe theos-news

unsubscribe theos-roots

Hope this helps.
Elisabeth Trumpler

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