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Re: RE: CWL, LCC, Olcott, etc.

Oct 04, 1995 04:57 AM
by Richtay


We're having a pretty civilized discussion, huh? I just thought I would take
a minute to remark on that -- no flames in sight!

Some of the problems of the LCC which come to *my* mind are these:

(1) Emphasis on rituals. Neither the Masters, HPB, nor Mr. Judge in any of
their writings indicate that ritual has any value whatsoever, particularly
Christian ritual. I know Alice Bailey has a very different view of this
based on the rays, but her idea of rays isn't in the primary source
literature either, it seems to me to conflict withthe original stuff.

(2) Authority. The idea of having a bishop with spiritual authority over me
makes me shudder. I would like no mediation between me, the Masters without,
and the Divinity within.

(3) Churchiness. For those who grew up in a church, I suppose it is kind of
nice to have a quasi-Theosophical service. For those of us who, like HPB,
found the Christian church to be an entirely man-made institution, with
little or nothing of Christ or the divine in its structure or worship, the
LCC produces a revulsion. The eucharist, atonement, a personal Christ figure
-- all these seem to militate against Theosophical principles.

(4) History. The founding of the LCC does not appear to *me* to be from
Masters, but from ordinary folks who thought "Hey, let's reform
Christianity!" Questions about Leadbeater's character and those of his
compatriots make the founding of LCC and its subsequent history hard for me
to appreciate.

But before I get flamed for my uppity, arrogant objections, I also want to
say one more thing. I DO NOT SAY that the LCC has no right to exist, I do
not make fun of those who benefitted or currently benefit from it.

I can strongly disagree with the LCC and its practices, without attacking
those who participate PERSONALLY. I will simply have to find other modes of
brotherhood with those folks, because I will not participate in LCC. I do
believe, however, that others should be free do to do, if it meets needs of


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