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RE: CWL, LCC, Olcott, etc.

Oct 04, 1995 01:15 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>At the same time, while acknowledging a group have served some people well,
>we can acknowledge that it has served others poorly, and perhaps has some
>serious issues and problems to work out.

Whart are the problems? I would like to hear your viewpoint. From my
perspective, I think it's been rather short on reaching out to the public and
making itself known as a church that is liberal. I also think it is reaching a
crucial crossroads in making the changeover from a Piscean organization
(heirarchy, dualism, paternalism) to blending with the energies of the Aquarian
age (equality, science).

I do think ritual could be important in the Aquarian age, as Uranus is related
to the seventh ray. Perhaps the rituals with be more scientific and less

>My ideal Theosophical organization is one that has as little organization as
>possible, at least in terms of "power" relationships . . .

Your descriptions sound very Aquarian and I would guess they would probably be
implemented or any organization won't survive in the 21st century.

>What makes Theosophy appeal to the masses as well as the intelligentsia is
>being able to demonstrate, IN PRACTICE, high ideals, a coherent philosophy,
>and EVIDENCE and REASONS for why certain things are taught.

Here I disagree. I think the masses want titillation, not anything that
challenges their gray matter. But I am open to the possibility this could
change. Especially in the future, I believe scientific explanation will be

Last Friday I heard an esoteric astrologer say that he believed "science and
technology would cause people to come to know God" in the Aquarian Age. The
first thing I thought of was the theosophical movement.

>The Masters would have to "mop up" and start again, building upon whatever
>remains could be made to serve.

Might take a pretty big mop.


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