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Re: One of JRC's comments

Oct 03, 1995 02:22 PM
by Richtay

JRC wrote:

> Can you grasp that what you are
> objecting to is but a superficial, and almost epiphenomenal aspect of the
> real debate - which is one in which both of our root paradigms are
> withstanding pressure ... being pushed to expand beyond their current
> limits ... and that far from being a "distraction", such stuff is at the
> very core of what the actual travelling of the path *is*?

My understanding -- and experience -- is that being earnest about the Work
does in fact bring up all kinds of nasty personal stuff in oneself. The
on-going, uphill test of of the neophyte (which I and certainly most of this
board can probably be considered) is to REIN IN this personal stuff, overcome
it, rise above it.

Brotherhood is the first object of the Theosophical Movement, and it seems to
me important that (a) we don't attack living individuals (b) we defend our
brothers/sisters when we feel they are abused (c) we try to stick to the
teachings and the principles they indicate (studying AND living them) and not
to personalities.

It can be hard, I think, to separate individuals from their ideas, but ideas
are temporary, held for so long, and then let go. They are impersonal
entities, even when "personal" in content. Individuals are our
brothers/sisters and never, ever deserve our enmity or harsh words.


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