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Re: One of JRC's comments

Oct 03, 1995 11:08 PM
by Lewis Lucas

> JRC:< If you want to *study* the "path", keep reading the "source"
> materiels, and discussing the finer points in them ... but if you
> actually intend to *walk* the damn thing ... then you are going to invoke
> whirlwinds of turmoil (and there are a considerable number of people on
> this list that know this through terribly personal experience) ... and if
> you can't even stand the discomfort of minor and fleeting personal squabbles
> on the list ... then you're *really* gonna be upset when the first few
> demons of your buried anger, your sublimated sexuality, or carefully hidden
> judgements come raging out of your basement with fangs bared. >
> Well said, John.
> Jerry S.

Lewis: In one of the ML's, Sinnet (I think) is asked when he will
learn that is possible for someone to admire and respect him while
telling him of his faults--words to that effect, but At the Feet of
the Master caution us to mind our own business and leave others alone
except in some specific exceptions. I wonder if these are familiar to
any of you and how these concepts fit (or don't) into your own

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