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Re: Seeing Auras

Oct 03, 1995 11:05 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to
> Paul wrote:
> > OK, JRC, here's your guinea pig. Let's see if anyone has
> > anything helpful or critical to say about my "confession."
> Well, I'm feeling EXTREMELY HOSTILE right now. I can't even believe how
> hostile.
> (What exactly did you say they looked like? What shape? Hmmmm ....)

That falls under the helpful category. Sort of like giant
iridescent soap bubbles about 18 inches out from the surface of
the skin. Only what's inside isn't empty air, but rather
a sort of jellyfish-like fluid with sparks of color and
apparent layers of density that are hard to distinguish.
Chakras are even harder to distinguish, but there is definite
movement of the fluidic stuff with vortices along the spinal
column, and especially visible
over the head. I don't see the "haric" or "core star"
phenomena at all. The most striking effect is the overall
shape and "brightness." It looks more like Brennan's
illustrations than Leadbeater's, but that may be because his
emphasize color and for me it's mostly a black and white

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