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Re: Seeing Auras

Oct 03, 1995 11:12 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to james yungkans:
> Paul, I can give you some correlation (Unpublished) in regard to
> your layers, if your seeing the same ones referred to by Barbara
> Brennan.
Too hazily to tell which model looks more like what I see.

> opening. I rarely see the 'Egg', but then again I don't work at
> developing 'Auric Sight.'

Me neither. This just happened, although it's hard not to
notice it.
> A warning: Don't let the 'PSYCHIC VISION' draw you off developing
> yourself SPIRITUALLY. To many people have permitted themselves
> to delve too deeply into that arena without knowing what was waiting
> on the other side of that 'Door.' Speaking from experience, you
> will encounter everything from astral entities (such as Kama-Rupas)
> to lower spiritual beings (such as Heyoan). If your will is not
> strong enough, you face the risk of POSESSION. Not a nice thought.
> Also, you should emphasise opening your 'Third Eye', which caries
> true vision, rather than "Psychic" abilities (which are the realm
> of the Astral "Spook" (to honor old HPB's wording). 'Third Eye'
> is a most overused term, as it relates to the True vision of the
> MIND (Manas), and not to the Pituitary (as many people now believe).

Pineal, that is. I meditate according to the Cayce readings'
guidelines with some input from the Voice of the Silence, Shabd
Yoga, etc.-- all of which emphasize raising awareness to the
Eye Center (or Brow chakra). So far no spooks or demons, and
if I see any all I know to do is to invoke the protection of
the Christ. (Understood again in an ARE sense)
> I might be crying wolf in your case, but to many people get excited
> about this stuff, and allow Glamour to cloud Common Sense. I Know.
It's just as well that it didn't emerge until after my books
were written, because this sort of development would have been
a distraction from the intellectual dharma of my previous

Thanks for your comments

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