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Re: Seeing Auras

Oct 03, 1995 11:16 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to
> Dear Paul,
> Please don't call it "a confession". Seeing auras is not a sin,
> but a gift. I think what's a "sin" in other people's eyes is
> when one person is different, has an ability that most others
> don't have. The others then have a tendency to hack around on
> the gifted one, for some reason I haven't as yet figured out. I
> have some special talents, not psychic, & I've gotten hacked
> around on for them.

People are right to be suspicious of "claims" about such
things, but if the atmosphere of suspicion grows too thick (as
JRC alleges and I incline to agree) then we can't even compare
notes on our experiences. Surely, some people opposed to my
books would say "now he's pretending to be clairvoyant in order
to lend further authority to his subversive ideas." In the TS,
I think it's the relationship between power plays and
paranormal abilities that scares people into avoiding the
> I know that until very recently our Theosophical psychics were
> very leery about revealing their gift. One of our theosophical
> books re auras didn't get published until the author was well
> into her eighties, I believe. You started the ball rolling now.
> It's a subject that I think concerns us & our 3rd Object. Let's
> see whether we can't handle it as decent human beings, who also
> believe in our 1st Object, which I'd rather call something like
> the cohesion of everyone's humanity.
> Hopefully,
> Liesel
Thanks, and I share your hope. This is one topic that is
getting so much validation OUTSIDE the TS that it may gradually
become less "suspicious" within it.


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