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Seeing Auras

Oct 04, 1995 00:28 AM
by Aprioripa

Dear Paul,

 Thank you for forthrightly sharing. There are many different ways and
levels of seeing auras. Today seeing auras is not a glamour or a lower
psychic phenomena to be railed against as unfortunately many do -- what we
should be promoting is positive purity, spiritual qualities and the truth
about the matter. With the dawning of the new age humanity is recapitulating
the subtle etheric sensitivity that, of course, was an unconscious part of
our nature in ages past. In order to be safely aware of the world of
energies we have to have the qualities of good character and of purity on all
levels (for anyone who is an Initiate, of course, can spiritually flow these
qualities at their convinience as they have accomplished certain spiritual
qualities which can override the personal manifestation).

 What you are seeing is accurate to my uderstanding but also these images
would be subject to the perceptual interpretation by the brain of the
qualities that someone as sensitive as yourself is aware of anyway. The
individual differences are there but as they are not registering as a visual
perception it is best and healthiest to focus on the qualities of what you
are feeling on all levels rather than be too concerned with visual
perceptions. My own experience is that many visuals are deceptive and there
can be masking by con-artists. I follow my best knowing with the mind and
heart -- so to speak.

 What you are seeing I believe is something that should be accepted as
normal and matter-of-fact in our daily lives -- the fact of the subtle energy
world. Of course, all types of people (good and bad) can be aware of this
and even see somewhat -- but the importance of this for humanity today is in
the overcoming of the too-materialistic view of the universe and the
elimination of the fear of death which recognizing the world of energies will
bring. One of the main tasks in the hands of those cooperating with
evolution today is to promote the truth about the various planes of energies
and their relevance to human experience and psychology.

Some quotes:

 "For ages people have talked about seeing auras. From the eastern "body
of light" to the western Christian halo some image of the energy that
surrounds us and radiates from us is a part of the lore of every religion and
culture. These images are the testimony of those who see the world of energy
around us and who seek to understand how we can all become more aware of
these realities. Today, in the last decade of the twentieth century, there
are far more people alive than ever before who can not only feel but also see
the energies around them. This is a natural event in human evolution and as
more years pass we will all find our abilities to sense auras and energies

 "The colors that a person who sees auras is aware of are most often
really an interpretation by the perceptual faculties of the physical brain of
a quality of impression or feeling. Unless the person is very pure the
impressions will be seen through the filter of the seers own psychology and
the qualities will be misinterpreted. For example, if a person's aura
radiates yellow and your aura is blue then you would see the other person's
aura as green. The solution to this is to have a pure or clear strong aura
so that one simply feels the qualities without any of one's own impurities
getting in the way."

 "These centers develop and unfold naturally if one lives a life of
purity, humility and service. It is very dangerous if the centers are worked
on directly or specifically concentrated on unless one knows perfectly what
one is doing. Rather we should cultivate the virtues of love, humility,
courage, honesty, etc. and we will find our sensitivity unfolding naturally.
 The principle reason for knowing somewhat of the centers is to begin to
understand why we have different feelings in different parts of our

 "It is far more important for us to be able to sense qualities than to
see colors in the world of energy. The virtues of honesty, humility,
courage, steadfastness, and kindness will help you clear your energy bodies
and auric radiations."

>From "Seeing Auras"


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