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Re: WQJ and CWL

Oct 04, 1995 04:53 AM
by Richtay

On the comparison with CWL and WQJ:

Speaking for myself, I don't dislike CWL's work because it tried to
manipulate Annie Besant. She really holds no interest for me, nor the
political antics at Adyar last century.

The problem with CWL is his *writing*, which emphasized HIMSELF and his
PSYCHIC abilities, and does not refer back to the source material written by
HPB and the original Mahatma letters. If he had been more conscientious in
comparing his stuff to his Teacher's, he would have found the divergencies
most of us see today, and he would have corrected himself (I hope).

WQJ did not attack HPB's writings, WQJ did not ignore her writings, and WQJ
did not distort. Nor did WQJ promote his personal occult abilities in
public, though we suspect that they were prodigious. The letters he
delivered from the Mahatmas were not public property, no one but their
recipients head of them, and many of the recipients assumed that the letters
were from Judge himself, because he did not *say* they were "Mahatma"
productions. (Can't you just see this as a name for a Hollywood film

I understand that many of the original Mahatma letters delivered by WQJ (by
no means ALL) are held at the T.S. headquarters (Pasadena) because they held
to him as a Source.


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