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Re: re: on CWL

Oct 05, 1995 10:34 PM
by Bee Brown

>Thom writes:
>> The whole concept of a "next Messenger" is liable to produce more conflict
>> delusion than it's worth (just as the concept of a Messiah does). I don't
>> why H.P.B. even brought it up.
>This may be. What is curious to me is why nearly every major movement seems
>to bring it up. Christianity expects the second coming. Zoroastrians have
>long expected their Soishyant, and the Jews the Messiah. Buddhists expect
>Maitreya, and Hindus, the Kalki Avatar. Muhammed is the "Seal of the
>Prophets" and when he comes again, it is THE END. Many native American
>tribes expected a Messenger to lead them away from the White Man's
>Destruction, and millenial movements (often called "cargo-cults" in African
>communities) have expected Jesus or another Savior to help them.
>What is HPB up to when she mentions that in one hundred years (i.e. 1975)
>another Messenger(s) will arrive for the West? What is merely her hope?
> Part of a "plan"? Merely an allegory of the cyclic nature of things?
I wonder if the messenger needs to be physical. There have been a lot of
changes in the consciousness of humanity in the last 10 years or so. Russia,
Berlin Wall etc. The upsurge in New Age writings and groups have been
tremendous. I have heard talk of Jesus being back on the 5th dimension or
the invisible realm, anyway. Maybe this time the upliftment is coming from
the next spiritual dimension, whatever that may be, and some are expecting
to be physically transformed to meet up with the messenger in that plane.

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