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Re: re: on CWL

Oct 07, 1995 04:52 PM
by Bee Brown

>>I wonder if the messenger needs to be physical.
>It may be a matter of semantics, but I've generally heard the term
>"messenger" used to describe someone sent out by the Lodge to openly
>act on its behalf. A messenger would be someone like Blavatsky that
>was authorized to not only teach and work in the world, but also to
>openly state her ties to the Mahatmas.
>The Mahatmas are continually, I'd say, at work in the world, and
>that work involves teaching and introducing knowledge and spirituality
>where it can help out. The distinction with a messenger is that we
>have one of them, or one of their representatives, that is permitted
>to work in the open.
>-- Eldon
What about the Christ & Buddha energies? They appear from time to time in
physical form and I think maybe they are what are expected. The Mahatmas are
always at work, as you say, but at certain times in evolution the big guns
come and shake things up. Is this one of these times, I wonder? This time it
may not be necessary for the big gun to be physically visible. Perhaps we
have progressed to the stage where the effect is to be mental rather than
emotional. I have read that we are now at the stage that we need to evolve
our mental body and then some time later join it with the emotional and then
eventually activate the causal. Until the other two are on the way to being
used properly, there isn't a lot of development in the causal. I have read A
E Powell among others and that is the impression I have gathered. I gather
impressions rather than hard facts because facts are hard to remember. It
just seems that so many people these days are going to tarot readers,
numerologist, in fact the whole range of what's around now, to find out what
is in store for them. Even people that 10 years ago would have no discussion
about it at all, are now interested in these things. It is almost as if a
general influence is abroad and people are interpreting it in many different
way, yet the need to find themselves is still looking outward rather than
inward. It is interesting times we live in.

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