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Re: re: on CWL

Oct 08, 1995 06:39 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>What about the Christ & Buddha energies? They appear from time to time in
>physical form and I think maybe they are what are expected.

Yes, but I'd describe it as an Avatara appears at times that are both
appropriate in terms of cycles and when a great need is felt in humanity.

>The Mahatmas are
>always at work, as you say, but at certain times in evolution the big guns
>come and shake things up. Is this one of these times, I wonder?

Yes. And there doesn't need to be a single gun. Perhaps Blavatsky was one.

>This time it may not be necessary for the big gun to be physically visible.

I'd tend to disagree here. Great beings like the Buddha are always at work,
so when we have great people walking the earth, it is when they take on
physical form to do some great work openly among us.

>Perhaps we
>have progressed to the stage where the effect is to be mental rather than

Or perhaps the effect is felt on all levels -- mental, emotional, and
physical. The effort is not to teach something new to us, but rather to
give us a nudge back in the proper direction. In times of spiritual darkness,
the Avataras come to restore spirituality. We're learning and growing in
many ways, but need this occasional effort to keep from getting derailed
in our evolution.

>I have read that we are now at the stage that we need to evolve
>our mental body and then some time later join it with the emotional and then
>eventually activate the causal. Until the other two are on the way to being
>used properly, there isn't a lot of development in the causal.

The general development process is to unfold the lower principles first,
then work on the higher ones. But there are unbelievable amounts of evolution
still needed for all our principles. We are not rapidly outgrowing the lower
principles. There's a whole Round of evolution on Kama-Manas before us, before
we get to the Fifth Round and work on Manas proper. That doesn't mean that
we're being held back and forced to stick with the lower principles for vast
ages before the schoolhouse of life is ready for more advanced lessons.
What it means is that there is a tremendous amount of experience and powers of
awareness in Kama-Manas for us yet to unfold. We've only just started, so to
say, and there's a wealth of experience in it that awaits us.

>I have read A
>E Powell among others and that is the impression I have gathered. I gather
>impressions rather than hard facts because facts are hard to remember.

Perhaps he was writing in a simpler manner for new students, and glossed over
certain aspects of the philosophy.

>It just seems that so many people these days are going to tarot readers,
>numerologist, in fact the whole range of what's around now, to find out what
>is in store for them. Even people that 10 years ago would have no discussion
>about it at all, are now interested in these things.

We want to understand what is going on in life, and often look to external
sources for a sense of meaning. We may wonder: What is going to happen to me?
Inside, we know -- there's a part of us that has a panoramic view of life --
but externally, in the personality, we cling to external beliefs and to
people for reassurance. People may be going to psychics or astrologers now,
when they used to go to psychologists or priests, but the seeking for
reassurance is the same. It comes from a lack of inner certainity, a feeling
that comes from a living, dynamic spiritual process that we can awaken in
ourselves, something that we are trained to awaken by the various spiritual
teachers in the world.

>It is almost as if a
>general influence is abroad and people are interpreting it in many different
>way, yet the need to find themselves is still looking outward rather than
>inward. It is interesting times we live in.

Externally, things are changing. And yes, I'd agree, inward is the way to look.

-- Eldon

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