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Re: 7 Rays

Oct 08, 1995 06:54 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>Lewis: Ok, I'll bite. Why do you guys think the "seven ray" concept
>should be discounted?

This is something that I can't completely answer in a single post, but
perhaps we'll have a discussion. I still have to comment on the seven
ray posting by

In our inmost, we are Monads, untained by our excursion into existance
and our participation in evolution. We are pure, perfect, though desiring
increased self-consciousness, which we aspire to through projecting forth
a ray of ourselves into matter, and sending that ray, an Ego, through
the evolutionary process.

It is only in existence, when we leave our primal purity as Divinity,
that we participate in life, and are subject to influences.

The Seven Rays are the various influences that the Solar Logos breaks
apart into. It is somewhat like white like, in a prism, breaking apart
into seven distinct colors. The influence of the Seven Rays on our
Earth is through the Seven Sacred Planets, each planet representing one
Ray, and having a predominant influence on one of the Globes of our Earth

Being on Globe D, one of these Rays or Sacred Planets predominates,
it rules the nature of life in general, and not a single class of

The idea that somehow in our essence, in our inmost beings, we've come
from seven different cookie cutters or belong to one of seven primal
groups, is wrong. It assumes that influences and affects that others
have on us, while in a particular existence, carry into our beings,
and even determine our Essential Nature.

>Lewis: I like the metaphor, but thought while we started out "exactly
>alike" our unique experiences color the individuality.

Our unique experience colors our Reincarnating Ego, and that experience
carries forward from one lifetime to the next. We develop, over time,
specific characteristics. We individualize in a personal way, not according
to our being on a particular "ray".

>I remember a
>portion of poem that draws an analogy to a thread which passes
>through different colored inks and then is weaved into a beautiful
>tapestry, which is the accumulation of our lives.

Granted that in a particular lifetime we may build ourselves a personality
that is radically different that the previous lifetime. Each time we come
out with a subset of our entire qualities and abilities. That subset can
vary, making us seem like different people. And we can catagorize people
by different temperaments, and come up with names for those differences.
But we're ignoring the inner man, and describing things by the color of
shirt someone is wearing, rather than by the unique mind and heart that the
person carries within.

>I also thought that
>in the ML's one of the Mahatma says that they each retain their
>uniqueness after reaching the summit.

I'd expect that they not only retain it, but it becomes radically more
unique as they develop increased faculties of consciousness.

-- Eldon

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