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Re: 7 Rays

Oct 07, 1995 06:28 AM
by Jerry Schueler

Lewis:<Lewis: Ok, I'll bite. Why do you guys think the "seven ray" concept
should be discounted? >

Mainly because it puts labels on people. Also, I have little
data to show that it works, unlike the Jungian and astrology personality
topologies which have been demonstrated to have at least some

Lewis:<Lewis: I like the metaphor, but thought while we started out "exactly
alike" our unique experiences color the individuality. I remember a
portion of poem that draws an analogy to a thread which passes
through different colored inks and then is weaved into a beautiful
tapestry, which is the accumulation of our lives. I also thought that
in the ML's one of the Mahatma says that they each retain their
uniqueness after reaching the summit.>

We start out and end up as a Divine Monad, unique while
at the same time having no differences. The Divine Monad expresses
itself in space-time as an individuality, which in turn, expressess itself
as a series of personalities. Each personality and individuality is different,
but each Divine Monad is the same. The individuality "grows" by
incorporating into itself the "essence" or "flavor" of the personality after
each incarnation. When we reach the mountain's peak and can shift
our consciousness into the Divine Monad, we retain our sense of
individuality, unlike drops returning to the sea. However, because each
and every Divine Monad is exactly alike and all are outside of space and
time, this sense of individuality is combined with an overwhelming
sense of oneness. One and Many are two sides of a duality that we
can talk about here, but the whole duality evaporates away at the
level of the Divine Monad. This is not easy to put into words.

Jerry S.

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