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Re: 7 Rays

Oct 06, 1995 07:41 AM
by Lewis Lucas

> Eldon:<Using the "seven rays" is not a good example for this point,
> though, because I'd tend to discount the idea. That's another
> discussion, though ...>
> Jerry S.: I rather agree with you here, Eldon.

Lewis: Ok, I'll bite. Why do you guys think the "seven ray" concept
should be discounted?

> Eldon:<But I'd disagree that we are essentially different, regardless
> of the typology, be it astrological, Jungian, numerological,
> or according to the seven rays.>
> Jerry S.: These are possible true, to some extent, for the ego
> or human personality that we take on with each life, and explain
> why we each take different paths. But these differences are
> not true for the individuality.

Lewis: John Algeo was telling me the two models for labyrinths (the
meandering and the maze) could be applied to the individuality and
the personality, respectively. He said that what looks like chaos on
the personality level may be order on the individuality level. I only
have a rather vague notion of what he was talking about, but I see
something in what he was telling me in what Jerry in saying.

> Jerry S.: Our Divine Monads are exactly alike
> and have no inherent differences whatsoever. So, using the
> topology metaphor, as we near the mountain's peak, our
> individual paths and worldviews become closer and closer
> together. But even slightly below the peak, indiviudal teaching
> styles and doctrinal emphases are noticed.
Lewis: I like the metaphor, but thought while we started out "exactly
alike" our unique experiences color the individuality. I remember a
portion of poem that draws an analogy to a thread which passes
through different colored inks and then is weaved into a beautiful
tapestry, which is the accumulation of our lives. I also thought that
in the ML's one of the Mahatma says that they each retain their
uniqueness after reaching the summit.

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