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RE: Cults

Oct 06, 1995 08:03 AM
by Lewis Lucas

> Eldon:
> >Regardless of how we try to define "cult", it is often used as a hate
> >word to put down groups one doesn't like. One person may call, for
> >instance, the Mormon Church a cult, another may call it the best
> >church in Christianity.
> Quite true. Galanter's definiton would have applied to many religious groups,
> including the Catholic church. He claimed the difference was not in the
> structure, but in whether it is destructive or constructive.
> Galanter compared many groups and found Alcholic Annonymous to be one of the
> most successful "cults". His take on AA was that it greatly benefited the
> people involved, partly because of good leadership. The other end of the
> spectrum would be David Koresh.
> - ann

Lewis: I am always talking about "motive". Does "destructive or
constructive" have motive connotations?

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