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Re: Symbols and bridges

Oct 06, 1995 07:16 AM
by Lewis Lucas

> Murray:< When the
> <searchlight shines into the basement window, you soon see what you're
> <entitled to by way of understanding and experience, and what is framework
> <adopted from someone else.
> <
> <Some people in that particular test, lose faith in their religious
> <concept set, never to regain it.
> Jerry S.: Well said. This is how I lost my faith in
> Christianity.

Lewis: Curious about the nature of this event. I have often found
people have had some trumatic experience which led them into a search
for answers and thereby to the TS. However, there are also those who
seem to have been born with some sort of "divine discontent" that has
driven them throughout their life on this search and arrived at the
TS's doorstep that way.

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