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Re: Chakra Development

Oct 06, 1995 07:09 AM
by Lewis Lucas

> Liesel:< Harry ... taught us to concentrate on the crown
> & the heart chakras, by thinking beauty & love. He said, when
> we'd developed those 2, the development of all the others would
> just follow...>
> Jerry S.: I kind of agree, but the generally accepted
> procedure is to begin with the lowest and work your way
> up sequentially. Technically, the sequential method is
> supposed to be the safest. But it really depends on having
> a good teacher, and exactly how one "concentrates." There
> are "knots" just below the heart chakra, for example, that
> must be untied before the heart chakra can open properly.
> These "knots" are opened best by cultivating compassion
> for others. However, I think that more is needed for a full
> "development" of the heart chakra itself.
Lewis: I think it was Besant or maybe Ernest Wood who recommended
during meditation focusing on the heart, throat, and brow chakras for
three breaths each, saying this would stimulate them and thereby the
associated principles while avoiding all together the dangers
associated with the lower chakras.

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