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RE: Wheaton & cults

Oct 07, 1995 09:53 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

The discussion between EBT and JHE about why people may leave the Society is
lacking one important item. Collected responses from those who left. Without
knowing why these people chose to leave, we are left with only speculation.

>When I mention Theosophy to the typical
>uninformed person, they think of Besant and Krishnamurti,
>Blavatsky as a "tea leaves reader," fraud, fakery and pop
>psychism. I submit that most, if not all of these negative
>images could have been prevented.

How could this have been prevented? Is there something the Society could have
done that it not do or does not do now?

Many of those negative images were created by the popular press. Any person who
happens to make a big enough splash in the public eye will be ripped apart by
them. As long as the buyers are eager to see the dirt on a public figure,
someone tabloid or newspaper will print it. No wonder the Masters want to hide
out in the hills.

- ann

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