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Re: Should Theos-l Remain Free?

Oct 07, 1995 10:09 AM


I don't know too much. It's the way Harry Van Gelder taught us
to meditate. He believed in opening out, & we do it by
listening to Beethoven's symphonies 1-9, piano concerti 3-5,
violin concerto, or any other music which sends you.

 Maybe a poem he wrote once will give you a clearer concept of
what he meant. I'll copy it off for you below, & then equate
some of his nomenclature with the "bodies" which Harry thought
were force fields.

"Focus the mind on what is.
Expand this focus beyond
The world of form, into the world
Of Ideas. Then the mind
Begins to enter into cognition.
Let the mind expand beyond this
By the realization of Love & Beauty.
Beauty as an experience is the
Realization of the Universal Unity.
Love is the realization of the synthesis
Of all that is, and all that will ever be.
The process of growth is infinite.
The expansion of the mind can lead
To the realization of unity, the Beauty
Inherent of it; the loss of identification
With the personality, to the infinite
Progression of consciousness.
Tear one veil away and there is
Another behind it...

"Concentration of the mind is
Opposite of expansion and leads
To the blockage of life. Only the process
Of Cognition and understanding is expansion to infinity.

 Harry often quoted Plato, & Plato's archetypes.

3rd dimensional field - physical body

4th " " - psyche

5th " " - cognition (eidos)

6th - Being - Synthesis (Nous)

7th - Beness - Consciousness

Maybe this is something of what you were looking for.


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