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Re: 7 Rays

Oct 10, 1995 00:47 AM
by Aprioripa

 The seven ray qualification is a completely accurate idea about the
nature of reality and is supported by the writings of HPB and others.

>The idea that somehow in our essence, in our inmost beings, we've come
>from seven different cookie cutters or belong to one of seven primal
>groups, is wrong.

 In an absolute essence we are all divine sparks but the Monad itself is
in manifestation in a cosmic sense and is qualified by one of the three
aspects of Diety. The sevenfold qualification occurs also at all levels of
manifestation. In relation to human evolution and identity all spiritual and
personal aspects are qualified by the three and the seven rays. "As above,
so below."

>It assumes that influences and affects that others
>have on us, while in a particular existence, carry into our beings,
>and even determine our Essential Nature.

 From where is this assumption derived? The essential nature is always

>Our unique experience colors our Reincarnating Ego, and that experience
>carries forward from one lifetime to the next. We develop, over time,
>specific characteristics.

 Yes this is true.

>We individualize in a personal way, not according
>to our being on a particular "ray".

 Ray qualification is also from individual development on different
levels in ages past. Rays can and do shift and change according to personal

>But we're ignoring the inner man, and describing things by the color of
>shirt someone is wearing, rather than by the unique mind and heart that the
>person carries within.

 The inner man is also associated with the seven aspects of Diety --
depending on the evolutionary needs of the time. The interaction of inner
and outer ray influences is like the interaction of the different influences
of an astrology chart.


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