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Re: 7 Rays

Oct 10, 1995 07:59 AM
by Lewis Lucas

Eldon wrote:
> The idea that somehow in our essence, in our inmost beings, we've come
> from seven different cookie cutters or belong to one of seven primal
> groups, is wrong. It assumes that influences and affects that others
> have on us, while in a particular existence, carry into our beings,
> and even determine our Essential Nature.

Lewis: Lost me. I guess you are splitting one more hair than I had to
split. The "individualization process" as I recall it being described
in Besant & Leadbeater's "Man, How, Whince and Wither" has only two
possible paths -- love and hate. Once this occurs then there is this
seven fold approach to the succeeding incarnations. At least, that is
my own and perhaps unique interpretation of what I read. Until this
"individualization" occurs life is evolving with only two of the
three outpourings (don't know whose term that was, but as I
understand it these are primordial forces in nature which imbue all
of manifestation.

> Eldon:
> Our unique experience colors our Reincarnating Ego, and that experience
> carries forward from one lifetime to the next. We develop, over time,
> specific characteristics. We individualize in a personal way, not according
> to our being on a particular "ray".
Lewis: Sounds like you view "individualization" as a/the (?) goal of
the personal self. I was thinking of it being a distinction between
the self-conscious and the kingdoms in nature which have not yet
reached that point.

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