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Re: 7 Rays

Oct 11, 1995 06:02 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>> Eldon:
>> Our unique experience colors our Reincarnating Ego, and that experience
>> carries forward from one lifetime to the next. We develop, over time,
>> specific characteristics. We individualize in a personal way, not according
>> to our being on a particular "ray".
>Lewis: Sounds like you view "individualization" as a/the (?) goal of
>the personal self. I was thinking of it being a distinction between
>the self-conscious and the kingdoms in nature which have not yet
>reached that point.

Individualization is the goal of the personal self. However, it is an illusion
or maya, and cannot ever be attained because the Self, and thus self-
consciousness, is a maya. Those who think that animals don't
have self-consciounsess (and I believe Purucker - who called them
all "beasts" - and others fall into such a category) have obviously
never lived with a Norweign Forest Cat.

Jerry S.

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