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Blavatsky's "golden

Oct 08, 1995 07:52 AM
by james yungkans

Jerry, the difficulty I see is that everyone reads the words
written, and they do not look beyond the veil, beyond Literal meaning
I haven't 'read' Isis (I use an Index to reference it), but find
some outlandish statement true from a certain point of view.

1) Devachan as "the Abode of the Gods". Using the view that we
are 'Gods in the making', perhaps she was thinking of describing
our 'God-Like' abode after transition.

2) Fetus gets grotesque forms due to the thoughts of the mother.
If you look on the 'mother' as anyone, and the Fetus as the
thought-forms created by the individual on the Astral(Water) plane,
then her statement would be a Literal Truth! The thoughts, being
the Mental plane, take form in the Astral. You MUST remember that
this form of writing, using one analogy to mean another, was common
among the initiates of Greece, Rome, Egypt, as well as many other
places today unknown. Don't judge the book by it's cover, I believe
is the correct phrase to use.

WOuld you please provide a list of 'Outlandish' comments from Isis,
in particular the 'False Pregnancies'...I'd like to refer to them
and see what I think. Thanks.


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