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re: re Wheaton and Cults

Oct 08, 1995 06:19 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker

Jerry H-E:

> [writing to Ann]:

>Surely it is the popular press that creates the prevailing image
>of Theosophy, and they need something to "rip apart" in order to
>sell newspapers. However, if the Theosophical Organizations were
>involved in relief for the starving; finding ways to better live
>in harmony with our environment; teaching people practical ways
>to work towards word peace etc. then the TS would probably be
>pretty much ignored.

Anything that supports the status quo is accepted. There is no
general disagreement over feeding starving people, or working
towards general harmony and peace in the world. Theosophists have
worked for this in the past. Katherine Tingley worked in soup
kitchens and later supported programs for peace. Annie Besant
founded universities. Col. Olcott reformed Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

We don't draw the ire of others until we're a threat to their
cherished beliefs. It's just when we open our mouths that we
start to get into trouble.

>On the other hand, an Organization whose
>primary teachings and activities are things like: revealing to
>the world the existence of advanced civilizations on Mars; that
>the world is really run by an inner government that no one can
>see or confirm the existence of; teaching that we can help the
>Masters in their work while we sleep; promoting the return of the
>Christ, only to have that Christ resign etc. creates a lot of
>attention for the popular press.

Were we to teach nonsense, we'd be readily dismissed as oddballs,
and also ignored, since we'd clearly be no threat to established
beliefs. It's just when we start teaching the Esoteric Philosophy
and challenge the authority of established religions and popular
thought that we're considered a threat and draw fire.

>However, I personally neither
>blame the newspapers nor the public. It is the karma of the TS,
>created by the TS, and the TS needs to take responsibility for

Each theosophical group has its own respective karma to bear. There's
fault to find with each organization, and with a number of writers
after Blavatsky. We need the source Teachings as a check against the
various writings we'd promote, and it's important that we work for the
highest good that we have to offer to society: the sharing of the
Treasury of spiritual teachings given us through Messengers of the
Mahatmas like Blavatsky.

We're selling ourselves short when we divert our energies, as a movement,
into feeding the poor, fighting bad laws through political challenges, or
concentrating on psychological self-help. As individuals, we may feel a
personal calling into such avenues of service, but as a movement, it's
not, I'd think, a good thing to do.

-- Eldon

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