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Re: re: re Wheaton and Cults

Oct 09, 1995 03:44 PM
by Richtay

Eldon wrote:

> We're selling ourselves short when we divert our energies, as a movement,
> into feeding the poor, fighting bad laws through political challenges, or
> concentrating on psychological self-help. As individuals, we may feel a
> personal calling into such avenues of service, but as a movement, it's
> not, I'd think, a good thing to do.

In general, I agree with this, although Jerry H-E's point, I suspect, was not
to pitch the Theosophical organizations headlong into strictly volunteer work
for social change. Rather, all the Theosophical organizations could put more
stress on individual responsibility in this area, and give more credit and
notice of work (not PEOPLE) in this direction.

I personally know of a great many good deeds that are done by Theosophists,
and it might be nice to hear more of them (without names attached) in the
interest of inviting people to make the philosophy APPLICABLE and to rejoice
in the fact that we do more than talk, we work our butts off too!


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