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Oct 09, 1995 03:29 PM
by Richtay

Why is it, JRC, that one is allowed to make appeals to the "authority" of the
3rd Object, which you say seems to allow the PRACTICAL investigation of
psychic phenomena, and then ignore the "dark, spooky" warnings of those
Founders who DESIGNED those 3 original objects?

If anyone should know what was intended by those 3 objects, and what they
were meant to "authorize" (if anyone cares for their "authority"), wouldn't
it be the Founders who wrote out the objects and the constitution that went
with them?

In their writings, ALL THREE Founders, HPB, HSO and WQJ make clear their
worries and the worries of their Teachers regarding psychic investigation.
 All three seem to speak urgently of having an immense background in ethics
and philosophy before even beginning PRACTICAL occultism.

We are of course free to follow or disregard their advice. But I do not
think Eldon is being a hypocrite (a word which you did NOT use) for quoting
the source teachings of Theosophy to shed light on the 3rd Object. I do not
hear Eldon saying "Boo, hiss, JRC shall NOT pursue his psychic experiments."

Rather, I hear from Eldon caution, careful consideration, and a highlighting
of our sources on the topic. No condemnation.


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