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re: re Wheaton and Cults

Oct 08, 1995 03:05 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Ann Writes:

>Many of those negative images were created by the popular press.
>Any person who happens to make a big enough splash in the public
>eye will be ripped apart by them. As long as the buyers are
>eager to see the dirt on a public figure, someone tabloid or
>newspaper will print it. No wonder the Masters want to hide
>out in the hills.
>- ann

Surely it is the popular press that creates the prevailing image
of Theosophy, and they need something to "rip apart" in order to
sell newspapers. However, if the Theosophical Organizations were
involved in relief for the starving; finding ways to better live
in harmony with our environment; teaching people practical ways
to work towards word peace etc. then the TS would probably be
pretty much ignored. On the other hand, an Organization whose
primary teachings and activities are things like: revealing to
the world the existence of advanced civilizations on Mars; that
the world is really run by an inner government that no one can
see or confirm the existence of; teaching that we can help the
Masters in their work while we sleep; promoting the return of the
Christ, only to have that Christ resign etc. creates a lot of
attention for the popular press. However, I personally neither
blame the newspapers nor the public. It is the karma of the TS,
created by the TS, and the TS needs to take responsibility for

Jerry Hejka-Ekins
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