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The power behind TS

Oct 08, 1995 02:00 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>Thus he used Mahatma letters both to establish his half-share in
>the ES leadership, and then to take over the whole enchilada.

Ah, yes. The little known, but often feared, Enchilada Section. If you step out
of line they douse you in chili sauce and roll you in a tortilla. They claim to
be in touch with Don Diego, who also goes under the name of Master Zorro. They
meet in secret at various Taco Bells around the country.

Speaking of food, I got a delicious recipe for Artichoke and Wild Rice Casserole
that was served to us at Olcott's Saturday workshop. If you wish a copy, please
e-mail me and I will send it along.

- ann

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