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Re: Wheaton and Cults

Oct 07, 1995 04:21 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

I read the posting on this with interest, especially vis a vis
the nature of lapsed or resigned members of [Adyar] TS

Probably a similar picture obtains in England. Those reading
theos lists may be interested to know that I began studying
Theosophy via Astrology (Alan Leo) then Jinaradasa, then HPB
[Isis et al] in 1956. I did not *join* the TS in England until
1988/9. Right now I am so p..... off with all the politics that
I wonder whether, like others I know, I might let my own
membership lapse in '96. My *worst* experience of the TS was
during the two years I was local Lodge president! Something to
think about?


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