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Oct 25, 1995 09:31 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

> Dan:<HPB and the Masters warn Theosophical students of practicing pranayamas
> since
> these practices can make one "mediumistic". >
> Such practices will put one into a mode of mental acceptance.
> If one is unprepared, ideas may come via kama-manas, which is the reason
> for the warning. However, in fairness to pranayama practices, if one is
> prepared or properly "initiated" then such techniques can open one up to
> buddhi-manas and spirituality. Pranayama, like all forms of yoga, is a double-
> edged sword, and must be used carefully. But please, lets don't throw out the
> baby with the bathwater.
> Jerry S.

As without the preparation glamour can get in too easily, do you
not think the warnings are rather important? "Hey, I just got
into buddhi-manas, and the Masters told me blah blah, etc." Of
course the "blah blah etc." has a very good chance, under such
circumstances, of being a question of "When the student is
ready, the student appears." :-)

We've all met 'em along the way, no?


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