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re: re high brow chats

Oct 25, 1995 08:37 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

> Nowadays, we're too busy learning how to drive cars, work ATMs
> and computers. Not mention the lure of the American dribble box,
> the television.

*Dribble box*??? Please enlighten this ignorant Brit!

> My husband always talks about the way people in his youth (50's)
> used to claim that technology was going to free up our time.
> Seems we're busier than ever trying to keep up with it.
> I remember. The 60's were more fun though. Too much
> tension in the 50's. Everyone was worried about communists--or
> being accused of being one.

Not so much in the UK. I was regarded as a "beatnik" in the
mid-50's, which was the equivalent of a "hippie" in the 60's,
but allegedly less 'gentle' (no flower power). I played jazz
(accordion!) studied 1. Astrology; 2. Theosophy; 3. Kabbalah or
Qabalah. My favorite period is circa 1955-1965. TM ideas were
flourishing, and I got the other TM (Maharishi) before the Beatles!

> Best
> Jerry HE

P.S. to Jerry: Wea re adding to the Koot Hoomi pamphlet Arthur
Lillie's letter to ~Light~ of August 2, 1884 as an Appendix.

Oh Yes.


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