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historical & doctrinal

Oct 25, 1995 12:09 PM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

I agree with Jerry S. "What we really need, it seems to me, is
experience, which means living the teachings rather than just
thinking about them"

Daniel, I was thinking further about using history. I really enjoy
history, but not bickering about things that happened so long ago
that no one can really be sure of what really occurred, & there are 6
different versions. You say you use it to learn & understand better, & I
really agree with that.

I found a good quote in "The Voice of the Silence". It says what I
mean, & perhaps also what Jerry S. means,
"Before thou takest thy first step, learn to discern the real from
the false, the ever-fleeting from the everlasting. learn above
all to separate head-learning from Soul -wisdom, the 'eye' from the
'heart' doctrine.
"Yea, ignorance is like unto a closed and airless vessel; the Soul a
bird shut up within. It warbles not, nor can it stir a feather; but
the songster mute and torpid sits, and of exhaustion dies.
"But even ignorance is better than head-learning with no Soul-wisdom
to illumninate and guide it."


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