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Hi again, and a few questions

Oct 25, 1995 12:09 PM
by Jerry Schueler

I am not familiar with your training lesson, but your description
of Diagram I is very close to Plate III found in CWL's Man Visible
and Invisible. I don't know anything about your Diagram 2,
nor where you get "Adi" and "Monadic" for the names of the first
two planes, though these are as good as any.

< And, is there any meaning to the symbol that appears in
<the mental plane of the third outpouring.

Yes, this respresents the human kingdom.

< What is the meaning of the joining of the three outpourings
< in the physical plane?

That the physical plane requires all three outpourings.
Just as human beings are a blend of matter and spirit, so the
Earth combines all three outpourings.

< * Is there any meaning to the dashed versus the solid lines
< contained within the outpourings? One goes from nadir to
< zenith and then starts back up only to stop in the mental.
< The other seems to only go in one direction and stops.

The dashed line on the left is the 2nd Outpouring. The empty
line to the right is the 1st, and the solid line in the center is the 3rd.
The second outpouring goes all the way through manifestation to
the human kingdom and from there is taken over by the first.

< * Is there any specific meaning behind the three symbols used
< at the top of the diagram which are labelled as the aspects?

All three symbols at the top of the diagram can be found in the
proem to the Secret Doctrine, and represent the three main stages of

< * Is there any correlation between Diagram 1 and Diagram 2?


I can't talk about your Diagram 2, since I am unfamiliar with it.

Comment: You are describing the manifestation scheme invented
by CWL, which many theosophists abhore. I personally don't like
it because it is an attempt to blend theosophy with Christianity, and
I prefer to keep religion out of my theosophy; or rather, I let theosophy
be my only religion. Most of the works of CWL are, IMHO, a mixed
bag having some good stuff, and some pretty bad stuff. Many
theosophists just throw it all out and ignore him. I prefer to take
what I like, and ignore those parts that I don't like. One of the
things that I don't like, and ignore, is his business of the Logos,
the Trinity, Outpourings, and so on. I prefer Purucker in these
areas. Hope this helps.

Jerry S.

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