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Re: historical and doctrinal

Oct 25, 1995 12:09 PM
by Jerry Schueler

Eldon:<But how do we teach this? JHE would teach the ideas from the
books and leave the spiritual side to the individual to handle
on his self-initiative. I'd want something more than that, but
I'm not initially sure as to how to go about it.>

The only way to teach it is through *techniques*
of some kind. And even if we give techniques (Wheaton,
for example, advocates basic meditation techniques that include
visualization and prayer (sounds a bit like magical rituals
to me), it would be hard to find anyone qualified enough
to do the training - and the TS is not allowed to be any kind
of training ground, etc. Most TSs stay away from all
techniques except very basic meditation and perhaps karma
yoga (doing good deeds). All in all, I am not sure but what
JHE's method is about all we can do from within a TS. The
only techniques that I know of, that really work, are all
variations of yoga, some of which will force the
development of psychism, and for which one must be
prepared beforehand. Like I have said several times,
those techniques that work the best and fastest are the
most dangerous, while those that work the safest are the
slowest and least reliable (because lifetimes are
required and there is lots of time to get distracted).

Jerry S.

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