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historical and doctrinal

Oct 25, 1995 12:09 PM
by Jerry Schueler

Jerry HE:< But I would point
out areas were he got his information confused, and I would point
out areas where he adopted other writers opinions as his own
without questioning or analyzing them. >

Sounds fair enough.

Jerry HE:<-I have taught this on occasion, but
when I do, I'm very careful to make it understood that the twelve
globe scheme came from Purucker--not Blavatsky.>

Also sounds fair enough.

Jerry HE:< On the other hand, Purucker's teachings concerning
the historical Jesus appears to contradict what HPB writes on
the subject.>

Sounds like something we could discuss here. I have
read both, but missed this contradiction.

Jerry HE:< I agree with you here in principle. However, your quote
did not come from me. It sounds very much like something that
Eldon would write, >

Sorry. I was referring, of course, to the MLs where the
idea is put forth that an Adept is such only when consciousness
is shifted away from the human to something higher. It seems
to me that a "lower" Adept (I am assuming that even an Adept has
to start somewhere) could be such at times, and then get material
through kama-manas once in awhile by mistake. I have no idea
if this explains CWL, but I think its a possibility and also I find it
hard to believe that all Adepts are perfect because they are, after
all, still human.

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