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to: Bee Brown

Oct 25, 1995 12:09 PM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

Dear Bee,

In one of your "high brow chats" you ask how theosophy is done in
Russia. I'm in touch with the head of a study center near Moscow.
There is a Theosophical Society Hq. in Moscow. Some of the
theosophical classics are now available in Russian, it seems that
they're printed up almost locally, by interested individuals. They're
very interested in learning what's happened to theosophy since 1917,
the time when they were cut off, & I've sent my "pen pal" a number of
later Theosophical books, in which he'd expressed an interest.

Dick Slusser in the "High Country Theosophist" once described conditions for
theosophists under communism. Of course it wasn't allowed, & anyone
found out practicing it was hauled off to jail or Siberia & etc.
Theosophists used to go to see the head of the Study Center one at a
time, & would receive oral instructions from that person. Don't ask
me where the head got his material from.


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