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Oct 25, 1995 05:29 PM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

I thought about why I have an aversion to Aki's &, I think, Eldon's talking
about a human "animal body". It's because to me calling a human being
an animal has very negative connotations. It's like calling a body
"evil". Animals, very often aren't evil. They're just doing their
thing. I guess the human body is also just doing its thing. I've heard the
human body called the sacred housing for
the human spirit. I find that much more to my liking, even if that
same body houses some desires which are sometimes not too easy to
deal with. I think one needs to try to learn to deal with one's body,
rather than to scold it, & call it names. And I like the idea of it
being sacred. It implies that it's a good thing to take care of it, since it
houses Spirit.

>From browsing around in some of HPB's writings this AM, I think
that the reason why we're having such difficulty with establishing
what human "bodies" or "vehicles" or "fields" really exist is that
HPB herself gives several versions, & you can have your pick.

I'd like to call your attention to the October edition of Dick
Slusser's "High Country Theosophist". Dick brings much of value (I
don't know what's keeping him from being on theos-l. A while back he
was thinking of joining in with us.) One of the items I like
especially is "A Theosophical Get-Together", a transcript of a
meeting by the Brookings, Oregon Study Center of the ULT.
To quote just a little from the beginning of Dick's "verbatim
"Is choice free? How are choices made?
Our nature determines our choices. From these consequences and
results in the future, are self-produced.
"There is no outside code of 'right and wrong' imposed. Each person
is the sole judge of himself. If we are convinced that a line of
action is 'right', we should verify that by consulting Narture's
laws. We should consider our intent and motive - are they pure &
fair? Is there any room for error because of some omitted
"Karma is a name given to nature's Law...."

The discussion covers what is spirit, what's the universe made of,
what is the symbol of the tree of life? In the West we speak of the
'business of life' Why do we look at life in that way? How are
changes made? etc.

If anyone is interested in getting a copy, I'm sure Dick would be
pleased to mail you one. I would enclose $1.- to cover Dick's
costs (it's $9.- for 12 issues) The address is

 Dick Slusser

 High Country Theosophist

 140 S.33rd St.

 Boulder Colo. 80303



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