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Re: historical and doctrinal

Oct 26, 1995 04:14 AM
by Coherence

In a message dated 95-10-25 15:42:42 EDT, you write:

> But I was talking with regard to dogma being
>the required minimum beliefs that would constitute Theosophy. The
>dogma would be those beliefs that are taught on theosophical platforms
>that are required of someone to call themselves a Theosophist.

Pardon me for shouting but, THERE IS NO DOGMA IN THEOSOPHY. There is nothing
in the Divine Wisdom which must be accepted. The doctrines are given out for
our consideration, only. That this is even being brought up is amazing to
me. Now, assuming dogma is that teaching which must me accepted because of
the "authority" of the "source", here are some things to think about:

"We are engaged in trying to develop a truer appreciation of the Light of
Life which is hidden in every man, and so the "final authority" is the man
 (Wm. Q. Judge, Articles, v. II, p. 543)

"But no Theosophist has the right to this name, unless he is thoroughly
imbued with the correctness of Carlyle's truism: 'The end of man is an
ACTION and not a thought, though it were the noblest' -- and unless he sets
and models his daily life upon this truth." (HPB, Key
to Theosophy, p.230)

"I do not refer to technical knowledge of the esoteric doctrine, though that
is most important; I spoke rather of the great need which our successors in
the guidance of the Society will have of unbiassed and clear judgment. Every
such attempt as the T.S. has hitherto ended in failure, because, sooner or
later, it has degenerated into a sect, set up hard-and-fast dogmas of its
own, and so lost by imperceptible degrees that vitality which living truth
alone can impart." (HPB, Key to Theosophy, p.305)

"It (Theosophy) will gradually leaven and permeate the great mass of thinking
and intelligent people with its large-minded and noble ideas of Religion,
Duty and Philanthropy. Slowly but surely it will burst asunder the iron
fetters of creed and dogmas, of social and caste prejudices. . . . . and will
open the way to the practical realization of the Brotherhood of all men"

There are numerous references to the destructive dogmas of Christianity
throughout the literature of HPB. As numerous are the references to
Theosophy being KNOWLEDGE which each of us can attain for ourselves through
experience and observation. I would say that there is no room for dogma or
authority in the "Divine Wisdom", and HPB and Judge have specifically said so
and explained why. The opening quote from a previous post indicates a
fundamental misunderstanding of what Theosophy is, but that's okay, that's
why we're here: to learn and to clear up these misunderstandings.

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