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Dainiel..jesus Chris

Oct 04, 1995 07:52 PM
by james yungkans

I think the boy has promise....Here, let me have him...or, borrowing
from the Life of HPB:
 (Aboard the S.S.Navarino)
"A very different type was an ernest but quite uneducated missionary
from America, named Daniel...and so, as he put it, the Lord had
called him to preach the Gospel to the heathen.[Sound familiar?]

Perhaps because of his ignorance, he was apt to be agressive, and
used frequently to engage in arguments with Madame Blavatsky which
were a source of great amusement to the passengers. I am afraid
that our Leader took a kind of impish pleasure in entangling him
in his talk... She knew the Bible far better then he did, and would
constantly quote unexpected and little-known texts which drew from
him the indignant protest: "That's not in the Bible! I'm sure
that's not in the Bible!"

Then Madamme Blavatsky ( Moi? ) would would turn to (Eldon) with
deadly composure:
 "(Eldon), fetch my bible from my cabin!" and would proceed to
confound him with chapter and verse... the ripple of amusement
which ran around the audience warned him to avoid such rash
assertions in the future."

So...Daniel...Tell me about your 'Christ' and your 'YHVH'. I do
very much wish to hear what you have to say, however I must state
hear and now that I will NOT tollerate being proselytized to WITHOUT
DOCUMENTATION (I.E. Scriptural Proof). After all, I could say
that you came from a Baboon, and would get no farther with you
then with the 'Lord Primate' of all England, would I? I feel I
would rather affiliate myself with the 'WORD' and "AHYH" rather
than your "Personal" God. Now, Do you wish to talk, I'm all ears!

 The Adversary

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