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Re: Elementals and Dhyani Chohans

Oct 04, 1995 08:13 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>> >From this, I'd say, we can speak of the Devas as Elementals, but not as
>> Dhyani-Chohans. And we can refer to Dhyani-Chohans as Archangels when
>> in Christian terms.

>I would agree, adding, however, that I believe there is an
>enormous range of conscious life inhabiting the "inner" worlds that are
>not mentioned at all in the SD or other writings. It is hints, and by no
>means anything resembling a complete picture, that is presented in
>Theosophical source literature.

I'd agree that there are more than Elementals and Dhyani-Chohans on the
"inner worlds". (I'm using this term to avoid saying "globe" or "plane"
because it's a different discussion as to which term may apply.)

We have beings that are Monads at the mineral, plant, animal, and human
level as well on the "inner worlds". *Where* these worlds are, though,
and where they are in our scheme of things, is open to discussion, and
regards our discussion of planes, globes, spheres of causes and effects,
and other concepts.

I'd consider that subjective astral experiences are populated by
self-created Elementals, with little interaction with higher or lower
beings. (Here I use "lower" with reference to sorcerers.) These experiences
are to be had in the sphere of effects that surrounds our Globe D
physical experience of life. For an experience of "higher planes" or
self-conscious existence on another Globe, we'd need to have a mind-created
vehicle (mayavi-rupa) on that Globe, which requires a far-more advanced
development of us than a "normal incarnation" on that Globe. Apart from
advanced magic, where we meet others "off stage" in the sphere of effects,
we would, in my view, meet others in normal incarnation on the other Globes.

(My expected responses to the above include, perhaps, Liesel to say "I don't
understand a word of that!" Daniel C. to ask me for references. And you (JRC) to
discount it as speculative opinion from someone who "hasn't been there".
Perhaps I'll be surprised by a different response? Still, it's my view on
the subject, and we all get our turns to speak.)

-- Eldon

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