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Re: Elementals and Dhyani Chohans

Oct 04, 1995 08:55 PM
by John R Crocker

On Thu, 5 Oct 1995, Eldon B. Tucker wrote:

> I found a good description of some terms by HPB in "Transactions of the
> Blavatsky Lodge", p. 76:
> "Q. What is the difference between an Elemental and a Dhyan-Chohan or
> Dhyani-Buddha?"
> "A. The difference is very great. Elementals are attached only to the four
> terrestrial Elements and only to the two lower kingdoms of nature -- the
> mineral and the vetetable -- in which they *immetalize* and *inherbalize*,
> so to speak. The Hindu term *Deva* may be applied to them, but not that of
> *Dhyan-Chohan*. The former have a kind of Kosmic intelligence; but the
> latter are endowed with a supersensuous intellect, each of its kind. As to
> the Dhyani-Buddhias, they belong to the highest Divine (or omniscient)
> Intelligences, answering best, perhaps, to the Roman Catholic Archangels."
> >From this, I'd say, we can speak of the Devas as Elementals, but not as
> Dhyani-Chohans. And we can refer to Dhyani-Chohans as Archangels when speaking
> in Christian terms.
> -- Eldon
Eldon -

I would agree, adding, however, that I believe there is an
enormous range of conscious life inhabiting the "inner" worlds that are
not mentioned at all in the SD or other writings. It is hints, and by no
means anything resembling a complete picture, that is presented in
Theosophical source literature.


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